Welcome to Green Market 2017!
Vendors should read all guidelines carefully.
Note all changes and additions are highlighted in BOLD RED



A) Items sold at Green Market must be handcrafted, homegrown or handmade. Items can be either completely handcrafted or partially handcrafted. Any items that do not meet these standards are subject to not being approved at the discretion of the Green Market committee.

B) All items should demonstrate skill and mastery of the medium. On-site demonstration is strongly encouraged.

C) Applications will ONLY be accepted online at corinthgreenmarket.com. No paper applications will be available or accepted.

D) Vendors must apply online for an opportunity to sell at market. Applications are received and reviewed. If approved to be a vendor, you will receive a invoice to pay via email from Paypal. Only online payments are accepted. If not approved, you will receive a email listing the reason(s). Green Market committee reserves the right to reject any application for any reason. There are no paper applications. All vendors must apply and pay online.

Vendors are not guaranteed a space until payment has been received. The committee is not responsible for ensuring vendors pay fee before deadline (4 p.m. Thursday prior to market weekend). 

The Green Market will use quotas in the various categories of arts and crafts to avoid any category from outweighing the others. This results in denial of opportunities to sell to many good craftsmen, but it provides a better event for the participants and buying public.

Categories maxed out and no longer being accepted for season or individual markets:

Bath and body products
Soap (all types)

Vendors who sell 90 percent fresh produce may be allowed to setup at market for free, but are still required to apply as a vendor below. Authors are welcome. Non-profit groups may purchase vendor space at half price. Proof of non-profit status is required.

No more than 5 on-site food vendors/food trucks are allowed per market. Food vendors should also submit menu and photos during application process via file upload.

Vendors who sell packaged food or baked goods (jams, jellies, breads, cookies, etc.) must follow the Mississippi Cottage Law.

Unacceptable items include SCREEN PRINTED ITEMS OF ANY KIND, mass produced items, direct buy/resell items, independent sales, imported or manufactured goods, wholesale merchandise, professional/industrial machine made items, melt and pour soaps or candles and Cricut/vinyl/heat transfer items.

Anyone can be denied as a vendor for any reason at the discretion of the Green Market committee.

E) Photos and detailed information play a major role in our selection. A photograph should be submitted for each different type of craft. Only those crafts approved may be sold by the vendor. Please list all items with full description of each, noting materials used and the method of handcrafting you plan to sell at market. Each vendor should exhibit only three main crafts in their vendor space. All vendors must only sell arts and crafts entered and approved on application.

E) Green Market is an opportunity for artists to sell their current items, not an order taking opportunity.


A) Vendor spaces are limited to 75-10×10 spaces in the garden and 5-10×10 spaces on the pavement. Season sellers will be contacted for space preference.

B) Space assignments are at the discretion of the Green Market committee and vendors will need to be flexible if adjustments are necessary.

C) A courtesy call or email is required from all season and monthly vendors if you are unable to attend so your space maybe reassigned for that market.

D) Market layout and vendor space assignments will be released Friday, one day prior to market. Vendor spaces are marked with numbers in the garden on Friday. No setups prior to market day.


A) Vendor set-up time begins at 6 a.m. day of market. Vehicles should be unloaded and moved from main parking lot 30 minutes prior to market start time. Free parking is available street side and in nearby lots. Customers appreciate vendors who stay all day, as some of the best shopping occurs in the last hour. No vendor setup before market day.

B) Vendor tax sheets will be provided the morning of each market. Sellers must turn in sales tax and sales tax sheet at end of the day to the Crossroads Museum gift shop.

C) Green Market is a non-smoking event.

D) Vendors are responsible for providing their own tables, chairs, tents, canopies, etc.

E) Electricity is not offered or allowed for any reason. Generators are also not allowed.

F) No vendor space may interfere with any other vendor space. Aisles should remain clear. All sellers should leave their space free of trash and debris at all times.

G) No literature or printed material of any kind may be distributed to sellers or customers without prior consent of the Green Market committee.


April – October market hours are 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and November market hours are 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
*All fees are nonrefundable.
*Markets will not be changed due to weather.

$30 – April 1
$30 – May 6 (Held with Coca-Cola Classic 10K.)
$30 – June 3
$30 – September 2
$30 – October 7
$100 – November 18 Red Green Market

Deadline is 4 p.m. on the Thursday prior to each individual market.

$200 – Entire season
Save $50 when entire season (all 6 markets) is purchased. Deadline is March 23 at 4 p.m. to signup for season.

Market location: 221 North Fillmore, Corinth, MS 38834
Phone: 662-287-3120
Email: info@corinthgreenmarket.com



All authorized vendors participating in the Green Market at the Crossroads Museum shall be individually and severally liable to the Crossroads Museum for any loss, bodily or personal injury, deaths, and/or property damage that may occur as a result of the vendor’s negligence or that of its servants, agents, and employees. All vendors hereby agree to indemnify and save the Crossroads Museum, its officers, directors and employees harmless from any loss, cost, damages, and other expenses, including attorneys’ fees, suffered or incurred by the Crossroads Museum by reason of the vendors’ negligence or that of its servants, agents and employees; provided that the vendors shall not be responsible nor required to indemnify the Crossroads Museum for negligence of the Crossroads Museum, its officers, directors or employees. The Green Market is the banner fundraiser of the Crossroads Museum.